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Important note:  These animals are NOT part of Tri-County Animal Protective League.  This list is offered as a public service only, to assist private owners who are trying to find a new home for their pet(s).  Tri-County APL makes no claims about the truth of the information presented - all information is given by the animals current owner.  If you are interested in any of the animals listed here, please contact the current owner, NOT Tri-County APL.  Thank you.

Maddie (listing added 4-22-06)

Maddie is a 16-week old border collie-terrier mix.  She is currently about 10 pounds, and adult weight should be about 30 to 40 pounds.  Maddie is an energetic and intelligent black and white female, and she needs physical and mental activity.  Because of her breed, she is considered a working dog.  Maddie is not spayed.

We are looking for a new home for Maddie because of space.  We live in a detached condo with a common area, rather than a yard.

Maddie is located in Twinsburg, Ohio.  If you are interested in her, please contact Melanie by email or by phone at 330-425-4626.

Harley (listing added 4-28-06)

Harley is a 6-month old purebred American Eskimo dog.  He is white.  He loves to play with other dogs, knows how to sit for treats, knows his name, and loves attention.  His is housebroken, has all shots, and is neutered.  He needs a fenced in yard.  He has not been around cats or small children.  Harley weighs about 15 pounds, will weigh @ 20 as adult, and be about 15-20 inches tall.

I am looking for a new home for Harley because the landlord says only room for one, and I have a 15 year old eskie I've had since she was 6 weeks old.

Harley is located in Sparks, Nevada.  If you are interested in him, please contact Sherry by email or by phone at 775-359-2179.

Rusty (listing added 5-20-06)

Rusty is an approximately 15-month old Red Cattle Dog.  He is medium to large size.  Rusty is still a puppy, not fully grown and is a loving dog with lots of energy.  He loves open spaces and human company.  He is an attractive Red Cattle Dog with beautiful eyes.  He loves people and responds to authority from a male figure best.  Rusty is microchipped.

We are looking for a new home for Rusty because we used to live in the country, and have had to move to Suburbia, and our love for the dog recognises that he needs to have those open spaces instead of our new small backyard.  He needs a loving home with lots of open space.

Rusty is located in Newcastle, NSW (yes, that is New South Wales, Australia).  If you are interested in Rusty, please contact Ross or Ruth by email or by phone at (02) 49336526.

Charlie (listing added 6-8-06)

Charlie is a 1½ year old Red Doberman.  His tail is cropped, but his ears are not.  He is about 45 pounds.  Charlie is housebroken, and does a few tricks.  He is great with our infant son, but he gets pretty excited when he sees/hears the cats playing.  He is VERY playful.  He is not neutered.

We are looking for a new home for Charlie because we have two cats and a baby, and he needs more than we are able to supply.

Charlie is located in Akron, Ohio. If you are interested in Charlie, please contact Nick by email or by phone at 330-285-2547.

Koda (listing added 7-8-06)

Koda is an 8 month old male German Shepherd mix.  I believe he is mixed with boxer.  He weighs about 40 pounds and is beautifully marked with tan, black, grey and a little auburn color.  He looks exactly like a German Shepherd except for his face which is more squared.

Koda loves other dogs and children especially young children.  He is very lovable and playful.  He loves having something or someone to play with.  He is very smart, too.  Please give him a home where he can be loved.  His owner doesn't want him because he doesn't like dogs and he wants to just drop him off somewhere, so please give him a home and save this puppy from having nowhere to go.

Koda weighs about 40 pounds, and is not neutered.  He hasn't been given the opportunity to be trained properly as in staying in the yard, but if given the proper training he will learn.

Koda is located in Massillon, Ohio.  If you are interested in Koda, please contact Janine by email or by phone at 330-833-5657.

Shadow (listing added 7-26-06)

Shadow is a 7 year old male black lab mix, about 65 pounds.  He is an affectionate, housebroken dog who needs a home with no other MALE dogs, and children over the age of 9 years old..  Shadow likes to curl up on someone's feet and loves to be scratched behind his ears.  He is very obedient and loves older children and adults.  Shadow is neutered.

We are looking for a new home for Shadow because we have a four year old and an eighteen month old child that the dog has had problems with.  He loves them but not when they get too close.  We love him very much and will miss him a lot.  Please help us find him a good home!!!

Shadow is located in Medina, Ohio.  If you are interested in Shadow, please contact Vickie by email.