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Petmatch Submittal Form


If you would like to list an animal in our Petmatch section, please fill out and submit the following form.  You will need to supply an email address and/or a phone number, and give us permission to post that information on our Petmatch section.  Anyone interested in your animal(s) will contact you directly.  Tri-County APL does not screen people looking for pets in our Petmatch section.

Your notice will be listed in our Petmatch section for approximately one month.  If you would like us to keep the listing for a longer period of time, please email us before the month is up, to ask for an extension.

Your name:
You may include your full name if you want, but we will only put your first name on your Petmatch listing.

Your email address:

May we list your email address in our Petmatch section?


Your phone number (including area code):

May we list your phone number in our Petmatch section?


Remember, you must allow us to list either your email address or your phone number (or both) in our Petmatch section, so that people can contact you.

This next section deals with describing the animal you are trying to find a home for.  If you are trying to find a home for more than one animal, you may list them separately or together - however, we do prefer that you submit separate forms for dogs and cats.

What is the name of the animal you are trying to find a home for?

Is this a dog or a cat?

How old is the animal?  Please note whether you're listing years or months.

Where is the animal located (city)?

Tri-County APL primarily serves Stark, Summit and Portage counties (in Ohio, USA).  You may list an animal regardless of where you are located, but please keep in mind that the majority of the people visiting this website are probably in or near those counties.

Please describe the animal - size, color, haircoat, personality, whether they get along with other animals or kids, and any other details that could help people decide if this might be the right pet for them.  This description will be used in the Petmatch section with little to no editing, so please write clearly (whole sentences, good grammer, no abbreviations, that sort of thing).

What breed (or mix of breeds) is the animal?  If you're not sure, please give your best guess, especially for dogs: 

How much does the animal weigh?  If it's a puppy, please tell how much it weighs now, and some kind of guess of how big it might eventually get.  Please remember size is relative - to some people, a 30-pound dog is small; to others, 'small' means something under five pounds!

What is your reason for needing to find a new home for this animal?

Is this animal spayed or neutered?

Any other notes about this animal - such as special medical conditions, offers to help pay for spaying or neutering if not yet done, special needs (quiet home, fenced yard, etc...), or anything else:

If you have a picture of the animal on webspace of your own somewhere (or on a picture sharing site), we can post a link to the picture.  We need the FULL URL of the picture: