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Tri-County Animal Protective League was started in late 1997. Our goal is to provide shelter, medical care, and adoption services to animals in need in Stark, Summit and Portage counties in Ohio. In 1998, our first full year, we found new homes for 130 cats and 91 dogs. As of the end of 2004, we have adopted out 1,136 cats/kittens, and 369 dogs/puppies.

The Difference

The difference between the Tri-County Animal Protective League and many other animal shelters is that we support a no-time-limit policy based upon the individual animal's needs. This means that we will not euthanize an animal just because it has been with us for longer than "X" number of days. Euthanasia is used only when an animal has an incurable disease (such as FeLV or FIV for cats), is suffering from a serious illness or injury with no hope of recovery, or has severe behavior problems.

Our Purpose

Here at Tri-County APL, we strive to reduce the number of abused or abandoned animals. We carefully screen potential adopters to make sure they are ready for a new pet, and that they are matched with a pet that fits their home and lifestyle. All animals are adopted out as indoor pets only. Any animal that is old enough is altered before it is adopted. People adopting puppies and kittens must agree to have them altered as soon as they are old enough. We educate all potential adopters, giving information on such things as crate training for dogs, introducing their new pet to their home, and general dog and cat care. We especially stress the importance of spaying and neutering.

Tri-County APL today

In late 2000, we took the exciting step of leasing a building in Massillon, to be used as a permanent adoption center.  We successfully ran this adoption center for nearly five years, and then decided to return to home-based fostering.  We did this so that we could use the funds and energy that it took to run the adoption center, and focus in a new direction - creating a spay-neuter program.  So in addition to continuing to rescue, foster and adopt animals, we will also be part of the long-term solution to the pet overpopulation problem.

As a home-based foster organization, we rely on foster homes to care for our animals. Being a foster parent can be a challenging, but rewarding, experience. Foster homes are needed for both cats and dogs, and sometimes for 'special needs' animals, such as animals that are pregnant or who have just had litters; animals recovering from spay/neuter surgeries; or animals that need some training or socialization before being available for adoption to new homes. The amount of time an animal spends in foster care varies, but is usually only a few weeks. Tri-County APL provides all food and medical care - you may need to transport fosters for vet care, or to adoption events. Please see our Volunteering page if you are interested in helping us by fostering an animal in need.


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