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Question:  What are your adoption fees?

Answer:  Our adoption fee is currently $75.00 for any animal (as of January 1, 2003).

Question:  Are all animals spayed or neutered before adoption?

Answer:  The vast majority of our animals are spayed or neutered before adoption.  If an animal is too young to be altered before adoption, the adopter has to agree to have it altered (at their own expense) as soon as the animal is old enough.

Question:  What does the adoption fee include?

Answer:  The adoption fee includes testing (FeLV and FIV for cats, heartworm for dogs), worming, heartworm preventative (for dogs), treatment for fleas and/or tapeworms (if present), and a general vet check.  Dogs and cats over eight weeks old are started on their basic vaccinations.  Any animal old enough is spayed or neutered.  Some of our animals require additional care or treatments (we have treated animals for heartworm, broken bones, infections, injuries, etc...).  Once an animal is cleared by our vet, it is available for adoption.


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