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We are a home-based fostering organization, but there are still several ways you can see our animals.

Our animals are listed on Petfinder, with a description, and usually a photo or two.  There is also an on-line adoption questionnaire that you can fill out, to start the adoption process.  Potential adopters are contacted by phone or email for a personal interview, and arrangements can be made to complete adoptions at many of the Canton/Massillon area pet stores.  With some animals (primarily dogs), we may prefer to do a home visit, as we find that this leads to a greater percentage of successful adoptions.

We will be arranging to show some of our animals at various pet stores in the Canton/Massillon area.  - information about places and times will be here as arrangements are made.

Current showings:

Most Saturdays and Sundays, for at least several hours each day
(hours based on volunteer's schedule)
PetSmart, 2026 Lincoln Way East, Massillon
Cats; and a dog if we have one available

If you are looking for a specific type of animal, you may email us, or you may call us at 330-833-8479 and leave a message, and we will return your call.  We may have an animal in foster care that matches what you're looking for, we may have a matching animal on our incoming waiting list, we may be able to give you contact information for specific breed rescues, or we can keep your information on file until something similar comes in.

We also frequently bring animals when we attend events such as Home and Flower shows and Adopt-A-Thons - these events will always be listed on our Calendar page.


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