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If you are seeking to surrender your animal(s), please fill out the following and submit it to us (please do a separate form for dogs and cats).  We will keep your information on file for two months.  You will most likely only hear from us if we actually have room for your animal(s).  If you do not hear from us within two months, feel free to re-submit your information to put your animal(s) back on our waiting list.  Calling or filling out the waiting list form more often will not get your animal(s) in any quicker - it mainly depends on how much room we have.  Thank you for your understanding.

Your name:

Your email address:

Your phone number (including area code):

May we give out your phone number if someone calls looking for the type of animal you have?


Is this a dog or a cat?

Where is the animal located (city)?

Please physically describe the animal(s) - age, sex, breed or type, how many (if more than one):

If purebred, do you have registration papers? (we may be able to put you in touch with a rescue for a particular breed, but some do require proof that an animal is purebred, such as registration papers)

How much does the animal weigh?  If it's a puppy, please tell how much it weighs now, and some kind of guess of how big it might eventually get.  Please remember size is relative - to some people, a 30-pound dog is small; to others, 'small' means something under five pounds!

Briefly describe the reason you are needing to find a new home for this animal.

Is this animal spayed or neutered?

This animal is (check all that apply):
FeLV tested negative
FIV tested negative
Litterbox trained
Current on vaccines
Vaccinated for rabies
Heartworm tested negative
On heartworm preventative
Crate trained
Obedience trained

Please list any other medical work this animal has had:

Does this animal get along well with cats?   Yes     No     I don't know

Does this animal get along well with dogs?   Yes     No     I don't know

Does this animal get along well with children?   Yes     No     I don't know

Has this animal ever growled at, nipped or bitten anyone? (check all that apply)
Yes, in defense of food or a treat
Yes, in defense of a toy
Yes, in defense of its territory
Yes, when someone approached it too quickly
Yes, when touched in certain areas of its body
Yes, it was a person or animal it just didn't like
Yes, but not sure of the reason

Any other comments we should know about this animal?


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