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We can always use the following items:
  • Cat litter (non-clumping please)
  • Canned kitten or puppy food (Iams preferred)
  • Cat and dog toys
  • Small, round cat beds
  • Wire cages (both small and large for animals in foster homes)
  • Medium-size pet carriers
  • 8½" by 11" copy paper
  • Gift cards to pet supply stores

  • A special note about dry dog and cat food: While we do use a lot of food for our animals, we try to keep them on a consistent diet. This means getting large quantities (a skid or more) of one specific brand, enough for several months at a time. We are sometimes fortunate enough to recieve large quantities donated. When we need to purchase food, we can usually get special pricing from some of the larger pet supply stores. If you can't quite afford to donate a skid of food <smile>, gift certificates to any of the major pet supply stores are always appreciated.

We are also currently in need of:
(please check with us first, in case we've recently received any of the following)

  • A scale suitable for weighing cats, kittens and puppies (up to about 20 or 30 pounds) - a baby-type scale that reads by 1/2 ounces or so would work fine
  • A few folding chairs, to take to adoption events
  • A lightweight (but sturdy) folding table, about 4 feet long
  • A portable TV/VCR combo
  • Cat condo (a large cat cage with two shelves and a wheeled base)

Any other pet-related donation you can think of is always appreciated!  Items may be used, but must be in good condition.

Donated items can be brought to any meeting, event or adoption location, or you may contact us to arrange to bring large items, or have them picked up. Tri-County APL is a non-profit, charitable organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.


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